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Unprecedented visibility into the run time behaviour of FreeRTOS applications

  • Main Trace View
  • Signal Plot View
  • Object History View
  • Tiled Views
  • CPU Load Graph
  • RTOS Object History
  • Object Utilisation

A Selection of the 25+ Graphically Interconnected Views
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FreeRTOS+Trace introduction video


RTOS trace tools


FreeRTOS+Trace from Percepio is a powerful runtime analysis tool for FreeRTOS applications. It captures valuable dynamic behaviour information for offline display in more than 25 graphically interconnected views. The captured information is invaluable when you want to troubleshoot, optimise, or simply analyse the performance of your FreeRTOS based product.

FreeRTOS+Trace can be used side-by-side with a traditional debugger, and complements your debugger by visualizing the real-time execution of tasks and ISRs, including FreeRTOS calls and your own "User Events".


FreeRTOS+Trace has two components - a PC application and a trace recording library. The trace recording library is provided as C source code for easy inclusion in your FreeRTOS project build. The library itself uses the standard FreeRTOS trace macros.

FreeRTOS+Trace can obtains traces through your existing debugger interface or any other communication interfaces you might have available, such as TCP/IP or USB, so does not depend on additional hardware. FreeRTOS+Trace supports continouos streaming and also in-memory "snapshot trace" that allows for capturing rare errors in deployed hardware that are not easily reproducible in a bench test.

Evaluate in the FreeRTOS Windows Simulator

Example Views

Click the links below to see a selection of example FreeRTOS+Trace screen shots. Each image is accompanied with a brief explanation.

Screen Shots of Various FreeRTOS+Trace Graphical Views
Trace view
Demonstration of zooming a trace without loosing focus
CPU loading graph
Communication paths between tasks (and interrupts)
Kernel object history
Kernel object utilisation history
Plotting user signals

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