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User Event and Signal Plot View

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User generated events and their associated values with respect to time.


The trace recorder code includes API functions that allow user definable events, with associated values, to be generated and triggered from a FreeRTOS application. The user event view shows a plot of user event values over time.

User events are generated with a call similar to a traditional printf(), allowing up to fifteen data arguments which may be integers, floats or strings. This is many times faster than a traditional console printf(), partly because the data does not need to be transferred over a serial cable or similar, and partly because the formatting is performed offline by the FreeRTOS+Trace PC application. A user event is stored in a matter of microseconds, while a printf() can take several milliseconds. This means user events can be used in time critical code.

User events can be used to plot values, or mark event occurrences.

Click Events

The trace view corresponding to the clicked time is displayed when a user event is clicked in the view.

A screen shot of the FreeRTOS+Trace user event values over time
The kernel object utilisation view. Click to enlarge.

User events in focus in an alternative event view

Another event view, with the user events in focus. Click to enlarge.

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