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Reliance Edge Fail-Safe File System
A Transactional Embedded File System for FreeRTOS

Reliance Edge™ is Datalight's portable, open source, MISRA compliant and fail safe transactional file system. It protects critical data from corruption, even when power failures occur.

Datalight's range of Reliance file systems set the standard for data safety. They are trusted in millions of products, even those deployed in the most hostile and inaccessible environments - such as the depths of the ocean, and the depths of space.

The Reliance Edge fail-safe file system is designed specifically for small and resource constrained embedded systems. It can be configured to use as little as 4K bytes of RAM, and 12K bytes of code space.

Reliance edge is provided pre-ported to FreeRTOS, and can be evaluated immediately on a PC, using feature rich free development tools, and the FreeRTOS Windows port.

Download Datalight's excellent user manual to learn how the transactional technology used in Reliance Edge achieves true fail safety.

Key Features
MISRA C:2012 Design Assurance Package available to commercial licensees
Rock-solid meta and user data reliability
Reliable operation does not require media having atomic sector writes
Ideal for resource-constrained environments
Simple, easy-to-understand architecture makes implementation quick and efficient
Boots quickly and consistently even after unexpected shutdown or power loss
Includes tools for disk image creation on a Microsoft Windows-based workstation
Replaces or coexists with other file systems
Data stored on removable media is accessible on a PC using an Image Copy tool
Works with any block device driver to support NAND flash, NOR flash, eMMC, SD/MMC, NVRAM, USB mass storage, and SATA (or PATA), etc
Datalight Logo fail safe embedded file system download the fail safe file system manual evaluate the fail safe file system in the RTOS simulator fail safe fail system open source licensing

"Our products are used from the bottom of the ocean, to the depths of space, and from the factory floor, to your hip pocket" - Ken Whitaker, Datalight

"Datalight's family of Reliance fail safe file systems have delivered proven reliability in hundreds of millions of devices." - Kerri McConnell, Datalight

"The design goals and implementation of Reliance Edge means it is no ordinary file system. Reliance Edge will be a valuable resource for our users, so we are happy to accept it as an official FreeRTOS+ component." - Richard Barry, Amazon Web Services Inc.

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